Answers To Common Questions

I thought white magic spells had to be cast for you by a witch?

This is a common misconception. You don't need to be into Wicca or Paganism in order to cast white magic spells, nor do you need to be experienced.White magic spells that you cast for yourself can work, even when you have little or no experience. This said, if you can stretch to it, it is always a good idea to have a professional spell casting service performed , either as an addition to your own work, or a stand-alone, as these tend to be more powerful. In addition to simple instruction-only spells, we also offer a range of deluxe Hoodoo spell kits ; these provide a true power package of products for you to direct some serious, weighty magickal energies at your situation. Ideally, a deluxe magick spell kit is the way to go, combined with an actual spell casting performed FOR you, but a simple magic spell casting performed by yourself is not a bad start.

I am not comfortable with the idea of casting white magic spells myself. How can I find a good spell caster?

There is really nothing to fear from casting white magic spells for yourself , but if you prefer the idea of having a magic spell done by a seasoned spell caster, just be very careful who you choose. If you use a magic spells service on the internet, please research your shortlist very carefully, for unfortunately there are a lot of fakes out there, many of whom will want to charge you extortionate fees for their white magic spells service. Our white magic spell casting services are performed by someone with years of experience, and photos of your casting are sent to you after it is complete so that you have proof of the spell work having been done.

How long do white magic spells take to work?

White magic spells begin to work within a few days to a few months. It is generally advised that if results have not manifested within 3 months, that you re -work your spell or having your white magic spell re-cast. White magic spells may fail if done incorrectly or if performed when you are distracted or under the weather - it is important to remember that the success of magic spells depend on the energy and intent put into them. So be sure that you are in good health and determined frame of mind when you cast your spell. The other thing to bear in mind that is that with many situations, a quick white magic spell cast by yourself may not produce enough magickal energy to make the situation change. Many issues will benefit greatly from having a spell casting performed for you by an experienced practitioner of magick, and/or from working with an all-encompassing product range, like what is included in our spell kits. Realistically, in many cases, you must be prepared to spend some money on getting the proper work done in order to achieve your aims.

Should I keep my white magic spells work a secret?

Yes. Do not discuss your intent, your ceremony /procedures with anybody else. Not even in passing. Once the wheels of white magic spells work are in motion, it should not be discussed with anyone. Talking and discussing magickal matters may disturb the magickal energy and break the spell. If you slip up, things may not work, in which case you should begin your spell again 28 days -one lunar cycle-after having first performed it.

What is the link between white magic spells and the pentagram shape?

Contrary to popular belief, the pentagram is not a symbol of darkness, evil or sinister practices - it is first and foremost a symbol of protection, and is frequently used in magic spells work for this express purpose. You can read more about it's associations over at the meaning of the pentagram page.

Some important things to consider before casting white magic spells

White magic spells should only be performed from a basis of clear and altruistic intent. You must never selfishly or inconsiderately force your will on another person or situation. Gentle encouragement is the intent of white magic- not outright manipulation. For example, if you have broken up with someone who clearly does not wish to give things another go, using white magic spells to try and force a change of heart would be a form of psychic intimidation and may backfire on you. Similarly, using white magic spells to eliminate a rival would not be condoned if the rival in question was married or partnered to your intended - white magic spells should not be used in an attempt to break relationships apart.

We each have a conscience, and in your heart of hearts, you will instinctively know whether the motivations behind your intent are good or questionable: follow your intuitions, listen to your inner voice. When white magic spells are cast from a pure basis, the results will be as you hoped for. When magic spells are performed to force or manipulate an issue, things may well backfire on you -remember that what goes around, comes around...


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Answers To Common Questions