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Relationship Astrology provides astrology compatibility & conflict readings for couples. Relationship Astrology uses synastry to assess the astrology compatibility and/or conflict between you by comparing your chart aspects. Relationship Astrology can help you to understand the strengths & weaknesses within your intimate relationship through a detailed interpretation of the astrological compatibility indicators that arise between your charts. Your unique relationship astrology compatibility reading will provide fascinating insights regarding what each of you bring to your union & how these attitudes, behaviours & responses influence the relationship for better or worse. Relationship Astrology discusses, in great detail, the key astrology compatibility/conflict issues between you & can help to evolve your understanding of one another to deeper, more meaningful levels. Truly intriguing reading !

The Compatibility & Conflict Couple's Report is approximately 14 pages long.

Horoscope Compatibility profiles can be bound in a booklet


Relationship Astrology provides astrology compatibility readings that are based upon the synastry of the two charts in question. This approach to understanding the dynamics of your relationship through Astrology involves comparing your chart to your partner's to determine what relationships (aspects) are forged between your individual charts. Astrology compatibility is found where harmonious aspects are involved while astrology incompatibility is evidenced by aspects that are challenging or discordant. Your relationship astrology reading isolates each of the many aspects that form between your charts & discusses each of these in respect of how they suggest astrological compatibility or conflict. Where appropriate, your astrology relationship analysis will offer up useful suggestions & advice to help you work through the more challenging issues while at the same time highlighting areas of astrology compatibility that you should work at focusing on to get the best from your experience of one another.

Relationship Astrology can also provide readings based upon the composite chart, which perfectly compliments the synastry analysis. Please visit the love horoscope composite chart, love astrology for couples page for full details about that relationship astrology service.


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Horoscope Compatibility profiles can be bound in a booklet


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