These simple but powerful white magic spells, just like our love spells, are designed to be performed by yourself.You don't need to be a witch to undertake magic spell work, and none of these magic spells need any prior experience. Nor will you need any special equipment or expensive ingredients - most things required for any of these magic spells can be sourced easily around the house or outdoors. Spell casting is nothing to be scared of, and if you have any questions, pop over to the white magic spells section for a more detailed explanation of how it all works. DIY magic spells are handy if you are on a budget. If you have a little more to spend though, or would just prefer a professional to handle things, check out our spell casting services,(link to new page) . We also offer a range of deluxe Hoodoo spell kits, if you wish to super-charge the magickal energies by working with a far more comprehensive product range.

magic spells have more power when you perform them yourself


All of the following magic spells are priced at a very affordable 5.00 .Remember- if you are simply not comfortable with the idea of working your own magic spells, check out our spell casting services. Be cautious about who you purchase from - there are few real gems out there but many charlatans. All our magic spell castings come with photos of your magic spell casting, so you have proof of what you purchased and the peace of mind in knowing your magic spell has indeed been performed for you.

bulletpoint Magic Spells For Good Luck or Granting Wishes
A magic spell to bring good luck to some event, occasion , plan or goal. It can also be used for making a special wish.

bulletpoint Magic Spells For Weight Loss
A very effective magic spell for encouraging slimming and maintaining a consistent attitude towards healthy eating.

bulletpoint Magic Spells For Fertility and Getting Pregnant
Two simple yet potent magic spells that work to encourage fertility and conception - you have nothing to lose by trying these out if all other avenues have so far failed. Both spells are included for the one price of 5.00

bulletpoint Magic Spells to Attract Money and/or Clear Debt
A very thorough spell to draw the money you need into your life in order to live a little more comfortably and rid yourself of debt. Don't expect to win the lottery though - this spell provides you with what you need, plus a little extra. We very much doubt any magic spells can bring glorious wealth unless you are willing to engage in black magic - an area we advise you steer clear of.

bulletpoint Magic Spells to Increase Job Prospects or Job Satisfaction
A magic spell designed to help you feel more content and happy in your chosen work, or to help you find a new job that will really suit you.

bulletpoint Magic Spells to Restore Your Reputation and/or End Bad Talk About You
If your name has been unfairly tarnished, or if there is distasteful gossip about you, this powerful spell will end the cycle and clear your name. Your good reputation will be restored and people will cease talking about you behind your back- things will be put right.

bulletpoint Magic Spells to Develop or Enhance Your Psychic Ability
This magic spell is suitable for those of you who are just beginning on your path of psychic development, and is also useful for strengthening and developing any existing ability you may have.

bulletpoint Magic Spells For Protection and Power in the Home, Office or Workplace
A magic spell for protection and energy that continually grows in strength and effectiveness as time goes by. Particularly good for blessing a new environment, or clearing negative energies from the place in question and ensuring they don't return.

bulletpoint Magic Spells For New Beginnings
This is the perfect magic spell for giving new beginnings of all types a truly positive and auspicious start. Whether it's for a new job, project, house, relationship or family situation, this magic spell will give things a great head start.


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