Love spells, like any magic spells, are more effective when done by you rather than done for you via any spell casting services. If you are on a tight budget, or want to do it yourself, our love spell instructions will clearly outline a love spell casting which you can work with. None of our white magic love spells require prior experience, specialized equipment, or pricey ingredients -most things needed can be found around your house or outdoors . Love spells are not complicated to perform and all come with clear preparation guidelines and step by step instructions. You can further enhance your love spell work by purchasing a professional love spell from our range of spell casting services and/or Deluxe Hoodoo spell kits. Further information and answers to some common questions can be found by popping over to the white magic spells section.

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All love spells are priced at 5.00 each. If you are not comfortable with the idea of performing spell work for yourself, check out our spell casting services, where all love spell castings come with photos of your love spell casting. DIY Love spells are emailed to you within 24 hours of your order.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Eliminate The Competition
If there is someone standing in your way - a rival - this love spell will diminish their influence and make life easier for you.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Return and Keep a Lost Love
If you want another chance with your loved one, and you sincerely believe that deep down they feel the same way, but need a little coaxing, this love spell will work to reunite you.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Encourage Commitment From Your Partner
Is your loved one reluctant to commit? Sometimes it's simply down to them fearing their own feelings, but this love spell can change all that and pave the way for a more dedicated sense of togetherness.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Change Friendship into Love
When we are friends with someone and those feelings become romantic, taking the "next step" can be terrifying. If you sense your friend has feelings that go beyond the platonic, but they are nervous or hesitant about acting on them, this love spell will soon help things to develop in the way that you hope for.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Find/Attract a Lover into Your Life
If you are tired of being single and truly feel ready to meet someone new, this love spell will bring the right person into your life and open up the door to a new and exciting emotional experience.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Heal a Troubled Relationship
If your relationship is experiencing challenges, this love spell will work to restore peace, harmony and loving feeling so that things can heal and move forward.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Heal a Grieving Heart
A broken relationship is a painful experience. This love spell will help you through the difficult process of letting go, and bring healing energy into your heart so that you can begin move forward and embrace the future with renewed hope.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Win the Heart of Someone You Love
Is there someone you have strong feelings for, someone who has yet to properly notice you or who has yet to make a move ? This love spell works to attract their full attention and encourage reciprocation of the feelings you hold for them.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Clear Negativity out of your Partner
Is your partner feeling down? Low? Are they just out and out grumpy, or inclined to see the negative side of things all the time ? If you are fed up with their attitude and of feeling drained by them, this love spell will work to lift their energy and make them a more pleasant person to be around.

bulletpoint Love Spells for Better/Improved Sex
If your partner's libido or your own libido is low, or if your sexual life simply needs a boost for whatever reason, we recommend this very effective sexual love spell.

bulletpoint Love Spells to Determine if He or She is Right For You
Are you unsure if the person you are with is really right for you ? Or is someone interested in you, but you are uncertain if you should pursue it? This simple but powerful ritual will tell you in no uncertain terms if he or she is the one for you - or not.

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